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Thursday, January 27, 2011

keeping it real

I've been trying all week to get together a good thrift post for ya'll but a thyroid flare up is forcing me in bed at 8pm each night. I'm hoping it will be ready for tomorrow, but in the meantime - why don't we do a little keeping it real? If I'm about to show you how INCREDIBLY stylish I am (bahahahha) and the cutting edge fashions I found at Goodwill this past weekend, first - I'll give you a glimpse of how it's really going down over here. 

This is me. At Target. 
Busted purple nails.
Noooooo makeup. 
Borrowed "USC Mom" sweatshirt from my mama. 
This is my official "take Nick to work at 8am outfit" for the past two days. I do change into normal clothes for the bulk of the day, but sometimes I make an on-the-way-home-trip-to-Target first. Oops. 
Oh, and I did get these running pants from Goodwill so that counts for something, right?
And here are my glamorous co-shoppers. 

You can't tell, but Benj is still in his jammies. 
And Glory is in the middle of saying, "dooooooo NOT take my picture!". 
She's very compliant. 
I know this is a poopy picture, I just took it to show you how hilarious a cart full of three toddlers looks. 

And one more little piece of goodness. 
I'm restraining myself from doing a whole post on this, because it would be VERY obnoxious but I kind of think Benjamin is a genius. In the past few weeks, his vocab has skyrocketed and he is talking in four or five word sentences, almost exclusively. Doesn't that seem a little excessive for an 19 month old? Or am I just an obnoxious mom? 

My questions for today: 
a) Do you steal your mama's sweatshirts? 
(sooo sorry, Mom - my answer is yes, but I promise to return it)
b) Can your almost three year old escape a Target cart that quickly and would you EVER go to Target if she could? (my answer is yes, she can and no, it doesn't stop me. And using a different cart doesn't help - she's like Houdini.)
and c) Is Benja a genius or am I obnoxious? (feel free to answer honestly) 

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