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Thursday, January 27, 2011

tales from the thrift

Ok. Let's get down to business. 
First a review. 
I'm not buying any new clothing in 2011, read about that here
I was planning a big goodwill trip for last weekend & did this post to do some planning

Some things I wanted: 
denim jumper/babydoll dress
button down shirt
braided belt
cut off shorts
nautical stripes
feminine tops
big girl lady pants
slim fit boyfriend jeans

Well I'll tell you what. I was walking around that Goodwill saying "HALLELUJAH!" with my sister laughing at me. I found many of those silly, exact items. Almost exactly. 

Here's some of what I found: 

feminine top #1 
feminine top #2
lady pants. these look a LOT better in person. 

nautical cardigan.

running skirt? at Goodwill? Can you say thank you LORD?
my plan for the button-down, with some new loafers & belt.  
cute Elias, helping me style an outfit.

I think you remember these running pants, ahem.

close up of the shoes.

made some jeans into cutey shorts.

denim babydoll button-down jumper dress

not pictured, but still found: 
- slim fit boyfriend jeans
- cropped sweatpants, sort of like this 
- wrappy, ballet style top

In full disclosure, what I spent: 
$50 of leftover Christmas money plus a generous donation from the Goodwill-fairy on thirteen items. That's $3.84/per item on average. 

Woosh. Is anyone else exhausted? 
To summarize: 
a) Thrift shopping is neat. And cheap. 
b) A plan sure doesn't hurt. 
c) I will hire myself out for personal-thrift-shopping-fit-sessions for the fee of 
vintage loafers and or denim jumpers. Or coffee. 
Shoot, I'll do it for free ya'll. 

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