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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

best. week. ever.

This is Nick and I's iphone background. It can be yours too. I mean, why not?
Three times my husband and I have planned just-us-getaways to Boston. 
Three times we've had to cancel our trip. 
This week. This Thursday. We're getting on that plane. 
Please, Lord, help us get on that plane!
We're getting on that plane!

Not for a church planting, strategizing, filled-with-meetings trip. 
Just the two of us. Lovin' on one another. Lovin' on our city.  

We're going to sleep in. 
We're going to get up early to go running around the city (just me, that part). 
We're going to eat at vegan brunch places. 
We're going to eat chowder. 
We're going on a nice date.
We'll definitely visit a pub or two. 
We're walking the freedom trail.
We might take a nap or two. 
We are going to jam so much goodness and rest into three days that our eyes might pop out. 
And I'll live to blog about it, even if eyeless. 

In the meantime, while I'm packing up and dropping my kids off and racing for the plane on Thursday, I'm still taking care of you guys. 
I'll have guest posters to keep you entertained and JUST.YOU.WAIT.
Come Monday, 
I'll have the story of the greatest Boston getaway ever lived. 
Love ya'll. 

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