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Monday, February 14, 2011


When we went to Mars Hill on the west coast, one of our favorite parts of the service was "evidences of God's grace".  At our massive campus of well over a thousand people a service, the whole church would take a few minutes to call out some evidences of God's grace. Glimpses where they could see Him moving, helping, saving, blessing. It was so encouraging to hear the whole body constantly reporting healed marriages, good scores on college tests, pregnancies after infertility, or just sustainment through hard seasons. Yesterday at our church here in Columbia, we were really encouraged to worship the Lord - magnify Him in a way that calls other people to stop and pause what He's doing, what He's done. 

I feel like I've been receiving Valentine after Valentine after Valentine from the Lord lately. And I'm not so scared to share the evidences of His grace with ya'll since I certainly share the hard stuff too. Maybe not all of it, but enough to make a few of you email me each week and make sure I'm ok:). I just mean, this will never (hopefully) be a place on the internet where we're pretending it's all good and shiny and nobody's poop stinks. I'd much rather you see our humanness and God's grace, than anything in me that is beautiful. That being said, here are some evidences of God's grace that I'm so thankful to be able to share with you. And maybe for some of them, this is just the opener of much more I'd like to share. 

Love ya'll so much, blog world. 
Praying that you take some time to pause today and thank God for 
His evidences of grace in your life. 

evidences of God's grace //// 2.14.2011
- our sweet house of rest and how Luke 10:6-8 has been true for us here. 
- Nick's job. Such a blessing to us. 
- Riverside Community Church. We really wrestled over where to attend church here and decided to just spend a few days praying about it and asking others to pray about it. After about 24 hours, the Lord made it very clear that Riverside was the place for us and we're so thankful. 
- Benja's healing. A few weeks ago, Benja had a potentially dangerous illness that was really discouraging to us. The Lord really miraculously healed him. 
- our trip to Boston! This Thursday through Sunday, Nick and I are headed to Boston! More on that later:) 
- that I'm experiencing some serious healing from depression & anxiety
- that we're in a season of abundant marital joy
- the Lord is uniting and increasing our desire to share the gospel in Boston
- Baby Asher, our nephew, was born safely and is healthy healthy healthy!
- my little thyroid flare up from the past month is healed
- our nuclear family time is starting to feel much more rejuvenating and much less draining as the kids grow older
- women are being encouraged and united by the blog world, including me:)
- more frequent date nights in our life.

Let's hear 'em ladies! 
Happy Vday ya'll. 

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