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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

a love story, part 2

That's right. I'm about to talk all kinds of romantic about some pizza. 
Deep dish. Sweet potato. Bacon. Spinach. Pizza. 

I use this very easy, highly affective (effective?!) wheat pizza dough recipe weekly. 
But lately I've been craving something crazy. 
Sweet potatoes in EVERYTHING. I am definitely trying a sweet potato smoothie tomorrow. 

Here's what I did for this baby tonight: 
- prepared pizza dough and set aside
- baked bacon in the oven and took off my vegan hat for the night
(12 minutes at 375 degrees, and come on - just one night)
- roasted sweet potatoes in the oven and let cool 
(45 minutes, 400 degrees)
- skipped my pizza pan and went straight for a deep-dish, brownie style pizza
- sauce. sweet potato chunks. spinach sauteed with garlic. mozzarella for the un-dairy-impaired. bacon toppings for all. 
- 20 minutes altogether at 400. 
- devour. 
- repeat. 

What I would do if I did this again: 
- Maybe make two. 
- Caramelize onions for the mixture. 
- Add some rosemary somewhere. 

All in all, this dinner was a love story. 
It was beautiful and passionate and incredible and I loved it. 
I'd marry it if I wasn't already. 
And if I didn't already put my vegan hat back on. 
Enjoy, lovahs. 

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