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Monday, March 21, 2011

a testimony via music videos

There was a time when I was ugly crying in the driveway because of The Civil Wars. 
I called "poison and wine" my christian-struggling-with-depression-theme-song. 
There was a time when I'd listen to it and cover my head with a blanket and cry like a baby. 
Or cook dinner and listen to it and cry like a baby.
Or hide in the bathroom and cry like a baby. 
I can barely remember what it felt like to do that, but I know it was for real. 

These days, I wake up early, with everyone still asleep,  to put my headphones on, and dance to "the dog days are over". I even hid in the bathroom and danced to it the other day because I could tell my jumping around was freaking Nick out. So there is my non-super-spiritual/non-super-wise, real life, music video testimony of how Jesus heals. Because that's all that happened. He healed me. And the dog days are over. So, hold fast if you've got a blanket over your head while you're crying to the civil wars, or any other emotional song that brings up feelings you might not want to deal with. 

Joy comes in the morning. 
He heals. 
He brings light to darkness & rest to the weary. 

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