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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

1% change; time sensitive challenge

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me after some p90x. in glasses. it's not pretty. 
Let's get to it. 
My mom always says, "You can do anything for _______ days/weeks/hours". 
And for the most part it's true. If you know the start and end to something pretty hard, you can almost always push through to the end. But the best part? If it's something BENEFICIAL and HEALTHY, once you push through - you find it wasn't so bad, or at least it was totally worth it. 

So this week's one percent change: 
Try a time sensitive challenge. 

I'll tell you mine. Have you heard of p90x? Oh, blerg. 
It's an intense, 90 day workout cycle comprised of 12 different DVDs. You do about an hour long dvd once a day for six days a week. And it's hard, and it's great. And it's hard. 

I've dabbled with p90x before, never actually completing the whole circuit but NOW. NOW IS DIFFERENT. Because my hot husband is the one doing it. He's done it for a whole week now, with me only joining him once. He's committed & faithful and I feel like I should follow suit. Because you can do ANYTHING for 90 days, right?

So here are some suggestions for you 
TINY time sensitive challenges that 
you might find leave you changed for the better
- no fast food for a month
- no sugar for a week
- go meatless for a week or vegan for a day
- exercise every day for a week
- read your Bible every day for a month
- go to bed early every night for a week

What do you think? What could you try? 
Here is my public accountability commitment to p90x. The hope is that after 90 days, I'll be stronger, more fit, and ready for another challenge! (like another half marathon?!)  
What are you going to do? 

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