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Friday, April 15, 2011

naptime diaries, the etsy shop!

Oh brother :)
If you're thinking what I'm thinking, "Jessi - don't you already get stressed out just raising three kids and keeping your dishes clean and writing a blog and trying to watch Biggest Loser occasionally, WHY an etsy shop?!", you're probably right. I've had this esty shop for almost two years and for almost two years, I've dabbled in some form of graphic design on the side, usually resulting in night sweats and increased anxiety over my performance. 
BUT I think this is the perfect outlet for me. And here's why. 

I need lots of scripture all over my house. Right now there are note cards and chalk boards and dry erase boards and notebooks just filled with it. I also, would like my home to look as sweet as possible, for as cheaply as possible. I would ALSO like to have extra money around to bless various friends as they pursue adoption. So, when Glor was in the hospital and I was praying psalm 46:5 over and over again, I started dabbling on the computer and the graphics just started flowing. I found that if something was sort of dear to my heart and I was wrestling with it, creating something out of it didn't feel anxiety-giving but more like worship. 

And thus, the Etsy shop. 
Here are the inside scoop details: 
- I'm doing mostly 8x10 or 10x8 prints on premium white cardstock. 
- I'll ship it promptly to your home in 5-7 business days
- A portion of all the proceeds will go to adoption fundraising or orphan care and I'll try to keep the site & blog updated with names of who I'm currently donating to. 

And now, some images. I only have these four prints ready to go on the Etsy shop, but I have about a dozen others that are in various stages of editing & I'm going to try to add about one a day until the shop is full. Also, they won't all be lady pastel colors:). I'm showing ya'll the low resolution versions without any sort of watermark on them, please don't steal them. Thank you. 

So yep! That's the gist of it! 
They're $10 a piece, portion of proceeds go to friends adoptions. 
I pray they're a blessing in your heart & home. 
Tell your friends! 

And three other little things: 
1. While I'm getting started, if you want to suggest scripture & colors - I'd love to accomodate without calling it a custom order.
 Even if you don't want to buy it, feel free to suggest! 
2. If any other bloggers want to do a giveaway
I'd be willing to do a few to get the shop going! Contact me at jessi connolly at gmail. 
3. I'm planning an AMAZING Mother's Day giveaway to bless
 all readers of Naptime Diaries and I'm looking for other goods to throw in it. In exchange for participation, I'm offering a free month of sponsorship over there ---->.

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