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Monday, April 18, 2011


No time to talk. I'm in the midst of being intensely spoiled. 

When my best friends from Seattle heard about Glory two weeks ago, the immediately rallied and asked me what was the best way for them to help. The ultimate decision was to send an advocate, one of my sweet bff's - Marilee. I haven't seen Mare (or any of my girls from WA) since July and all I can say is, my heart was aching for them in ways I sure didn't know. 

I can't describe it (I'll still try later), but it's a really interesting thing to have one friend come visit and have it feel like FIVE OR SIX friends have come to visit. I feel like all the girls are here, loving me just as crazy well as they did when I lived in Washington. ALSO, something I'd like to try and describe later is this: I love the way that my Seattle friends, my Columbia friends, my Charlotte friends, my Charleston friends, etc... etc... etc... calls me to love other wells. After being so taken care of physically and spiritually in the last few weeks, we've got a pretty intense calling. 

However, maybe one of my fave things about Mare is that she doesn't really care too much about the internet. I literally just taught her what "all those numbers" (facebook notifications) were on her facebook page. So that means I'm semi-unplugged until she leaves. And I like it. She doesn't care who twittered what or how many emails either of us have to respond to. Whoosh, that's a relief. So - more to come, once Mare leaves and I remember how to use the computer again:). 

For now, some quick pics: 

lots of praying outside

there may be some tiny sparkly nose rings buried in that pic

matching hats while vintage shopping, yes please. 

cuddling & talking, lots of it. 

and! first Naptime Diaries prints going out! 

And, oh yeah! 
One thing I really wanted Mare's help with was getting my first Naptime Diaries orders out and making sure they're perfect! If you haven't already, check out the new Etsy shop or last week's post about it

love ya'll.
happy monday! 

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