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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

a whole lot of little important things

First up, new in the shop. 
- I put a few items on sale
- I made some sections for 5x7's, and I'll continually be adding to that section.
- BUY THREE, GET ONE FREE is still going on.
- I listed a whole new item I'm going to be doing.
I've had a lot of requests for custom name prints for kiddos and I've released my first three templates. When you purchase one of these, you only tell me what names and/or scripture you'd like to be included and VOILA! personalized. 
For the first three, I obviously drew on some close inspiration.

ALSO, I added a few more prints to the shop!


Also. Benja got his hair cut. 
Also. It's Benja's birthday this week and I AM SO EXCITED. 
A far cry from how I felt last year
Here is his "after shot". 
don't be jeal. 
Only a few more days to get in on advertising on this little space for June. 
Check out the tab at the top o' the page or email me if you have questions. 
jessi connolly at gmail. 

I'm skipping one percent changes tomorrow but ya'll FEEL FREE to still post. 
I'm going to just post some a few recipes and may even do a link up for that! 
Have some good breakfast/lunch/dinner recipes you're wanting to share?
Get ready!

Ok. Happy Tuesdee sweet friends. 
Love ya'll lots. 

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Kara @ Just1Step said...

Happy birthday to Benja!!! :)