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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

2nd guest post, my bff, the pretty grandma

I miss you guys! I miss the internet!
We're at a church planting conference that is MIND BLOWING and so wonderful, but we're being encouraged to use the interwebs very little. Didn't ya'll love Jhen? 
You're also going to LOVE Danielle. 

I call Danielle the "pretty grandma" because she's encouraging like a grandma, but duh - she's real pretty too. I didn't ever think that an internet friend would ever feel like my sister, but D does. Recently when I was having a hard time, she called me second only to my own blood sister, to weep and pray with me. I love her. She means a lot to me. Visit her blog and love on her too. 

Introducing..... Danielle Burkleo

1. what do you blog about and why? 
i blog about my life, the little things i love and hold dear, that i would forget about if not documented. the stories, the good times, the bad times, memories, pictures, my boys, my man, grace, most importantly…my Jesus… and even an occasional DIY or two. i blog because it is important. it is important to me to remember, to look back and see those sweet times. to see how He provided and how He was so good even if I didn't see it then. i blog for my boys so i can look back and tell them how crazy they were. i blog to share the love of Christ with others.

2. if you could live anywhere else in the world, where would it be?  
i don't know if i would live anywhere else. my heart is here in this little 1100 square foot house, with these three guys, smack dab in the middle of upstate new york. i would, however, vacation summers in greece. if you have a summer home there you can invite us and we'll take you up on it.

3. What's an issue/topic/idea that makes your heart beat faster and makes your face get hot and makes you incredibly passionate?
passionate about: the gospel of Jesus Christ, pregnancy/childbirth and all it entails, educating kids and youth about sex, stopping and preventing child trafficking, showing women how beautiful they are in the eyes of Christ, adoption and photography. this is a random bunch of things, eh? i hold them all close to my heart. i love to talk about them, i love to work at them, and i love to continue educating myself and others in all these areas.

4. What's the last thing you laughed really really hard at? 
myself. i say really funny (re: dumb) things sometimes and i almost wet myself when people repeat them back to me.

5. What's your favorite memory from childhood? 
oh! there are so many. trying to catch frogs in the little ditch that circled my house, dollhouse with my sisters, kickball in the backyard, summer trips to rhinebeck. the list goes on… i was blessed with a childhood that i would never change. 

6. What is one thing that terrifies you?
 it terrifies me to think whether or not i would choose joy and choose to walk worthy if everyone i love was taken away from me. i desire to have that devotion to Christ and pray that i would. but it terrifies me to think of what path i would walk. 

OK. Don't forget about The Ladd's adoption fundraising ya'll. 
Thank you D. You're precious. 

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hannah singer said...

wonderful-both of y'all! xoxo