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Thursday, June 9, 2011

guest post #3, sweet Layla

I hope ya'll are loving reading about these lovely women.
Of course I have another whammy for you today.
Layla, from you-are-my-heart is one of my most favorite writers and "internet" friends in the world. Every single post on her blog is filled with wisdom, compassion, and faith. 
She's a must read/must know. 

get to know her! 

1. What do you blog about?  
i blog about my God, my husband and my kids. i started blogging because i don't get along very well with scrapbook paper and those tiny sticky squares that consistently get stuck where i didn't mean to stick them but i still wanted a creative outlet. years later, i keep writing because the Lord is powerful. He has proven Himself to be sovereign and faithful over and over again.. i am THANKFUL and i want to remember why. 

2. What's your favorite part of your day?  
my favorite part of the day is the afternoon lull. i am a night owl and i commonly stay up until long after midnight (read: hours after midnight). i also have two children who don't seem to care very much that i was still awake 4 hours ago. so by the time naps roll around and my children lay down for their nearly 4 hour siestas (i am so spoiled), i am happy to join them for an hour. or two. when i wake up, the sunlight has made its way onto the south west corner of our home, streaming light across the hardwood floors of our bedroom and the carpet in the living room is warm on my feet, my children are still sleeping peacefully and the house is quiet as i make my way from room to room doing homemakerly things. 

3. What's an issue/topic/idea that makes your heart beat faster and makes your face get hot and makes you incredibly passionate? 
a topic that makes my heart beat fast and makes my face get hot? this is a scary question. i have much more intelligent things to say about and am more educated on the subject of modern maternity care in our nation, the primary (first time) c-section rate and the outrageous VBAC bans that are in place.. and my heart cries out for the way teenage girls walk around (un)dressed and why they believe they need to show so much skin and how i know that is affecting my husband and will one day affect my son (and yours too).. BUT honestly, the first thing that came to mind is polygamy. my husband had to erase "sister wives" from our DVR because i was keeping him up all night ranting about plural marriage. in fact, in an intense discussion of the subject with my bff (who happens to be LDS but who obviously, only has one mother and zero sister wives, and it should be noted.. was not defending the current practice), i actually uttered the words "i would murder someone before i would share my husband." today, months later, i can tell you that i just said that in the heat of the moment and that, of course, i would never.. but then, would you look at that? my neck is already getting warm and my heart rate has increased so maybe i should just move on to the next question. :)

4. What is your favorite memory of your marriage so far? 
i love my husband yall. as in.. i am wildly, madly, crazy in love with that man. even after our biggest "fights" over the years, i probably could have been convinced to forgive him and make a baby in about 2 seconds flat (can i say that on your blog, jessi? i think so.) i am just clay in his big, strong, gorgeous hands. he is loving and patient and gentle and he leads us so well; he is easy to follow and easy to serve. he is quick to forgive and quick to ask for forgiveness. he makes me laugh and he makes beautiful babies. he is also 6'4" of beautiful, muscular soccer & hockey playing manly manliness with blue eyes and sandy brown hair. is it hot in here? where was i going with this? what was the question again? what is my name? okay, back at the ranch.. i can't put my finger on a favorite memory in our marriage. i am just so thankful, day after day after blessed day, to be his. so honored that the Lord created my man with me in mind and knit us together just so. what He has made for us and out of us is BEAUTIFUL. and the babies we've been given? i am so undeserving and so thankful and so in love. the Lord is so good yall. so good.

5. If you were to have a dance party, what song would HAVE to be on the list. 
i actually just had a dance party very recently that lasted almost 2 hours while i whipped my house back into shape (with one baby at my feet and one baby on my hip in the ergo). the playlist consisted of only a few songs, looped on repeat for almost TWO HOURS and i am shocked and embarrassed to admit that it included the following little dittys: only girl (in the world) by rihanna, party in the u.s.a. by miley cyrus, firework by katy perry and just dance by lady gaga (who strangely enough, i am actually terrified of).

Told you she was great. Go check her out: you-are-my-heart.
Happy Thursday, ya'll!

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