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Monday, July 4, 2011

giveaway winners & a free print

I hope you're all busy celebrating freedom & the other good gifts He's given us in super super fun ways. We are celebrating by having breakfast with old friends, driving back home from a super fun family wedding weekend, and hopefully not being overwhelmed by the amount of laundry we arrive home with. 

BUT: I come bearing gifts today friends. 
A of all, giveaway winners! 
Sweet Sarah F won the set of three bows from Top Knotz and Sarah Brinton won the super cute headband from Lalalu Designs! I will connect you all by email shortly and I hope you really enjoy your winnings! 

B of all, 
because I love you and I think you're all winners.... 
a free print for you to download and enjoy via Naptime Diaries
In the shop, I plan to keep it mostly scripture/bible-based, but if I'm giving it away as a gift, I see no problem in making a print with what we all have in our heads today. 
And thus, a little Katie Perry to inspire your walls. 

Download it. Enjoy it. Resize it. Print it. Share. I'm throwing it in my kiddos room since I sure like to sing this song to them during Connolly 4pm dance hour.

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