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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

weekend roundup.

This post is brought to you by TOO MANY pictures, instagram, and my own personal style fairy godmother - Kristin. 
here's the short story: 
drove with the kids to Charlotte friday morning. 
went to bridal luncheon, forgot how much I loved my cousins & extended family. 
played with my sister. 
nonny took the kids on fun trip #1. 
found out my dad was in early from Germany. 
elated sister and I drove to airport. 
hugged dad. 
stayed at a beautiful home of a friends. 
woke up. kids had daddy day in charlotte. 
girls had spa day at aveda institute. 
family lunch. 
dad fresh from germany took kids for night. 
lots of intense and good marriage talks began. 
went to beautiful cousin's beautiful wedding. 
celebrated God's good gift of marriage with close & extended family. 
post wedding datenight. 
drove to country to pick up kids. 
lunch with husband's family. 
most relaxing afternoon ever. 
breakfast with old (wonderful) friends & their kiddos. 
drove home. 


none of us REALLY knew what fun & goodness we were in for. 
this one. i love her. 
cousin casey (new running buddy). beautiful nana banana. 
again. i love her. 
AND HIM! Heyyyyy Pop! 
the Non, Cic, and me. Let's go to Aveda!
pedicures, self manicures, and impromptu updos. 
let's be honest. we look a little twilight-ish. which i don't hate. 
photography by the Rubes iphone. Beautiful, beautiful wedding. 
Hunkle Josh, we missed you. Also, this is the point prior to the reception where I try and convince myself NOT to start dancing the second we walk in. I always fail. 
sunday driving & talking with my love. 
got my city kids back from the country.
4.5 is literally the best thing that ever happened. 
except for maybe super late afternoon Sunday naps. 
we missed you Loah & Pearce! (and Kal and Shawn)

My thanks: 
My family provided the fun. 
Kristin (look over there -----> {kristin at clines}) basically styled my clothing for the whole weekend. 
Our bff Larlar provided the Aveda hookup. 
Thanks to our friends the Conklins for the hospitality. 
God brought all the goodness. 

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