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Monday, July 18, 2011


It was about time for a Naptime Diaries photoshoot, amen? 
I didn't get a ton printed for myself, but five felt like a great start! 
I already have the kids prints in their room, and I have a plan for a massive wall of them, hung by twine & clothespins, but this will do for now! 
I really need to be a big girl shop owner and take pics of ALL the prints, but well you know... there are three kids here who like attention! 

Also, I've been so thankful for all of you who bought Leigh & Gray's print that contributed to their adoption. It will stay in the shop until they are done paying for their adoption. 
Their sweet boy, A, is HOME though and you should absolutely check out their blog for more details. 

I am so, so, so thrilled to tell you though about two of my best friends who are BOTH adopting. Marilee Wight, my sweet friend from Seattle and Danielle Burkleo, my sweet friend from New York. They're both in the thick of fundraising for their adoptions and of course, I gotta do something. Their stories are totally different, and I'd love for you to hear more from them in the future - but for now I want you to know they're both spectacular moms, both spectacular friends. And we gotta help them out. 

So, there are two new prints in the shop. One for each of them. 100% of the proceeds from the respective prints will go to their adoptions. We'd love for you to buy one, buy a hundred, get your friends to buy a hundred. And bring some wonderful kids home to their families. 

this is the print for the Burkleo's. 100% of profits go to bring their baby home! 
This is the Wight's print. I'd love to tell the backstory later. 
And while we're talking business AND fundraising, have you considered being a sponsor at Naptime Diaries? I have LOVED showing your our sponsors this month and there are some amazing ones getting lined up for next month. As of right now, I only eleven spots left and August is my last month of cheap-o introductory ad prices. 
But BONUS - a portion of all Naptime Diaries 
blog profits go to adoption as well. 
Email me pronto if you want in! jessi connolly at gmail.

I pray Tuesday is treating you well, friends.  

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