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Monday, July 18, 2011

sundays call for desserts.

Lately, Sundays are messing me up. 
Sunday's should be sweet and quiet and relaxing, right? 
Then why do they feel dirty and full of dishes and stir-crazy? 
And sure, Nick has to leave for some ministry stuff right when it gets tough (4-7), but he's not even preaching yet?! What am I going to do when he's gone all day Sunday. 
I'll tell you what I'm going to do, ladies, 
I'm going to make this dessert every week. 

The kids like helping with the mixing. It's healthy. It's raw. It's delicious. 
If you're intimidated by vegan food or raw food, DON'T BE. 
At least don't be intimidated by this recipe, because it's easier than anything. 

1. Step one. Freeze a whole peach and thaw it, whole, for a few hours. Dice it up. This is a great way to make fresh peaches taste like canned, sweet peaches. 
Without all the yucky stuff. 

2. Make your "crust". A few carrots, tablespoon of flax seeds, handful of raisins, handful of almonds. Food-processor it, blend it, mix it all up together SOMEHOW.

3. Put the "crust" on top of yo' peaches. Your peaches will be all mushy and seem canned, but they're not sweetie! Don't worry! 

4. Make your "cream". A handful of cashews, water, and a gloop of honey in the processor or blender. Gloop is a technical measurement. Top "crust" with "cream". 

5. Clean your food processor for the millionth time this weekend. Blerg. 

So, listen. I'm not gonna call this anything but made up goodness. 
And it's no carrot cake or brownies. 
But it's yummy and delicious. 
And Monday isn't so scary after you eat it for sure. 
Love you friends. 
Also, you're welcome to come help me clean food processor if you want. 

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