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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

my laundry loses, your walls gain

I have no shame, ya'll.
That was me last night, processing the biggest shipment in America. in the history of my shop. My shipments were all sorts of backed up due to switching printers and being out of town and streamlining my processes and all sorts of other business details. Did I tell ya'll I switched printers? I cannot believe the quality of the new professional printer I'm using. They make me love these prints 50,000 times more and I hope you will too.

The bottom line is: When I had such a large shipment to keep fussing over, I had a perfectly good excuse to not put up the 326 loads of clean laundry accumulating in our laundry room bedroom. Today I'm going to put all that laundry up, clean the kitchen, and clean the bathroom. But my hope is that by the end of the day that etsy shop is full of orders again so I can avoid more laundry practice good balance of the housekeeping and shopkeeping. 

And to entreat you to help in that process, I'm offering a coupon code and a few new prints. 
use code CLEANSHOP for 15% off your entire order and buy a few of these new prints (or the old ones) for you & your friends. 

Proverbs 31:30

Psalm 20:5 back in the shop, with updated colors

Isaiah 30:21

Jeremiah 29:11, not sure if I blogged this one? 

There's also an easy option to request custom colors & custom orders in the shop now. 
So ya'll enjoy and use that coupon code. Please. 
For the sake of my washer & dryer. And my hampers. 
They feel neglected when I do my housewifely duties too quickly. 
Love ya'll. 

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