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Friday, September 23, 2011

join & ask

I'm not going to keep you long, 
because it's Friday afterall. 
For us, Friday equals MASSIVE HOUSE CLEANING 
I'm working on getting the house totally clean by 5pm on Friday and also making a ton of food so we have lots of healthy good choices in the house 
and I DON'T have to cook so much. 
We'll see how it goes. But, anyhow - real quick. 

1. So excited about my sponsors for October! Can't wait to share them with you! But I have a few spots left if you want in! Blog, shop, business, whatever - email me and I'll give more details. Or you can check them out here

#2. I took out the formspring function on my sidebar where people could ask anonymous questions. For lots of reasons, but mostly because there were some weirdy questions comin' thru there. But if you have questions (weird or not), feel free to ask them. So I created a frequently asked questions which I imagine I could fill with answers about you know, how to make a killer homemade soy latte. Cause that's about all I know:). Just ask in the comments section of this post, or again email

And that's all I got folks. 
Have a precious Friday. 

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