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Saturday, September 24, 2011

my friend, moxie mandie

My heart is littered with love for her & my couch with her pillows. Enjoy this post from Moxie Mandie! 

Hi there friends of Jessi! 
I'm Mandie of moxiemandie, and Jessi asked me to share a little something with you today.

Now, I'm a huge fan of fabric and, as it turns out, a needle & thread, too. I've been sewing for not quite two years now, and have loved fabric for far longer, but it's only been about the last month or so that I've become quite interested in the look of embroidery on fabric, & I thought I'd share some inspiration with you.

First off, I have a few embroidered pretties that are for sale on etsy (not by me- I just found them randomly by perusing).

Source: via Mandie on Pinterest
Source: via Mandie on Pinterest

Source: via Mandie on Pinterest

and this one is bead work, but I'm still including it because, you know, it's still done with a needle & thread:

Source: via Mandie on Pinterest

this photo is from Purl Soho and oh my- it makes me so happy:

ok. I had to share this photo of my own work(not my best photo, sadly about my best embroidery work, you know, as I've only been doing this for a few weeks) because it has a chevron stripe, and we know how my girl Jess feels about chevron stripes
(I believe I have the same inclination)...

and last, but not least, in case you're interested in learning, here's a link for a how-to on embroidery from Martha, the mother of all crafting & domesticality:

Thanks Jess, for having me!
 I hope I've given you all a little something to dream about this pretty fall weekend!

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