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Sunday, October 23, 2011

clementine & nellie!

Today I'm thrilled to introduce Brooke,
one of my lovely sponsors.
& she sells lovely vintage finds along with
original works of art at Clementine & Nellie.

Hey Brooke! Tell us a little about you!
Hey right back atcha! So, I’m thinking, I am going to share what I really want you to know about me. ☺ So here it goes:
I love Jesus… I’m a mother of three children, ages 11, 3 and 1, my oldest from another crazy life and time, that I may tell you more about someday, and already have some on my blog... My sweet husband’s name is Jason, and he and I have been married for five years... I am a classically trained vocalist, though I’d rather sing blues or jazz any day. I don’t really sing much unless I’m in the car or behind my guitar leading worship, which is actually where I’m happiest… I long for time in nature… and if I go too long without it I kinda freak out. I need to be breathing the crisp North Georgia Mountain air, in the deep woods with the fragrance of evergreen on the air, on the beach with my hair whipping around my head (when I had hair, that is), ya know, stuff like that. It settles me... I get real thrills over stretching a dollar. Like, few things make me happier. But I’d rather pour salt in my eye than coupon. Gawsh! I do use them though… ☺ The other thing that makes me really happy is feeding people. Dinner parties (or any party for that matter) are my fave. I just love to cook (used to have my own baking business, and I still do wedding cakes and stuff on the side) and my Mamaw’s gift of service and hospitality has certainly flowed down to me. There is no greater joy on this Earth for me than to feed someone, and for them to be satisfied… One of the main goals of our 5-10 year plan is to end up with a small farm growing fruits and vegetables and raising small animals. For now, I seasonally square foot garden and love it. It’s so fulfilling! And I learn so much from it… I really, really love chickens. And boots… I’m pretty crunchy. My mother describes me to her friends as an “earth mother”, which is okay with me… I have one tattoo – it’s “ionĂșin”, which means “beloved” in Gaelic (had it since 1/2005), and my nose has been pierced since April 1999. I want more tattoos, but not more piercings, just so ya know… I am an ENFJ (Myers-Briggs Personality Type), though not too deep in on the E side (extrovert). I am confident in front of a crowd, but put me in the middle of a crowded party, I will find a corner. I have many acquaintances, and very, very few close friends. I loathe talking on the phone, though will do it for hours with the right person at the right time. I have a long lasting love affair with all things vintage… so much so that most of my Etsy inventory is from my own collection. However the more I sell, the more I get to treasure hunt, and I love that too. ☺… We are going through a deep valley right now – it could get deeper, it could get better, not sure. I lost my job September 2009, he lost his July 2010, and we are (hopefully) close or at the bottom of our financial hell… It has tested and tried us and drawn up so much dross, and we are trying to figure out how to navigate it. It is not easy. My oldest son was recently diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome... and that’s all I can think about right now.

Now can you tell us about your sweet blog &
awesome shop? 
"from under His feathers" was started back when I was on maternity leave from the corporate world after having my second child - my daughter Shiloh - in the fall of 2008 to share with the wide world all the things I was experiencing during that time... Fast forward three years, and here I am, able to experience the fullness of what being a stay at home mama to now three children actually entails, after being laid off about a year after she was born. Through my own tenacity, stubbornness and sheer will, have also survived my husband being laid off as well, filling in the gaps by starting up my own small businesses on the side to supplement our income (cupcakes or vintage wares, anyone?). While my man ventures into unknown lands trying to find a career path in the insurance industry, I am determined to make this work; to stay home with my babies come hell or high water while being as resourceful and efficient as possible. I am writing about our life as we navigate this crazy financial downturn and the fear and exhilaration that comes with this uncharted territory. I'm sharing as I venture out and explore new business opportunities (my new Etsy shop, for example), aiming to get better at stretching every facet of a dollar, learning how to parent my little ones and my special needs child , my adventures in the kitchen, my vegetable garden and my faith. I love fashion, photography, natural and simple living, getting my fingernails dirty, and I'm taking it one day at a time. I’d naturally love for you to join me on my journey. ☺

As far as my Etsy shop goes, I’ve been dreaming up what kind of shop I could open there for years… I am pretty crafty and artsy and have this huge vintage collection, and I thought it might be a great avenue for me to sell that stuff, plus any of the artsy/crafty stuff I come up with. I started Clementine & Nellie in September 2011 (named after my grandmothers). Clementine & Nellie is primarily stocked with vintage clothing, jewelry and housewares, but I also am receiving orders for custom art pieces. I’ve made several pieces for around our home and hope to have time to create more to post to sell in the future.

What has surprised you most in this life? 
Man…. Life is HARD!!! That has been the one thing that has surprised me – that life is truly so hard, and doesn’t seem to get easier over time. That being said, I will add that a lot of the difficulty and heartache that leads me to say this is as a result of the bed I made for myself. I didn’t exactly start out my adult life with a lot of wisdom, and that is putting it lightly. I don’t live with regret, but I do struggle with it from time to time and sometimes very intensely. I’ve learned that nothing is really ever handed to you, except by the grace and favor of God, and that where you end up is the cumulative result of all your choices… good choices lead to a good place, bad choices lead to a bad place, consequences and pain. I’ve learned that Jesus wasn’t so passionately and with great frustration trying to deter us from sin because he didn’t want us to have fun, he was trying to save us from pain. The sad part is, most people don’t ever figure this out. Anyway, I’m on a rabbit trail… I am most surprised about how difficult life is… and I realize it’s just the nature of the world and the flesh… and I’ve learned how much love and grace is there for us in spite of it all, which is why my relationship with Jesus is so important to me, even when I fail at keeping Him at the top of my list, I’m always at the top of His. And He wasn’t kidding when he was telling us not to worry about tomorrow, because tomorrow has enough worries and troubles of its own… HELLO!? I really get that now! 

What are you so passionate about that it keeps
you up at night? 
Hmm… what comes to mind at this very moment is whether or not I am being the best mother I can be. And let me tell you honey, I have lots of room for improvement. I think all mothers would say that. I am pretty hard on myself, maybe justifiedly so, or not. I feel a lot of guilt about letting my daughter watch too much TV, not loving on my oldest son enough, whether or not he is going to really hate me when he is older or if he feels replaced by the younger two. I feel like I could be doing so much more with them – playing more, doing less around the house, “working” less. I have this awful feeling that I am going to see them grow up and have so much regret about not playing more with them instead of worrying about how clean the house is. This truly keeps me up at night.

What would you suggest someone buy their loved
one FROM YOUR SHOP for Christmas:)?
Hmmm… well, I guess you’d have to look around my shop to see what I have. Not everyone appreciates vintage stuff – especially old people! Ha! I have a lot of outerwear, clothing (baby clothes, too), and housewares for sale. If you have someone who would appreciate any kind of throwback to the 60s or 70s, then I am sure I can hook you up! Or if you have someone who would appreciate an original, whimsical, mixed medium piece with pretty flowers, birds, and such, I can do that too! Take a look at some of my art pieces and let me know if I can make something pretty for your loved one!

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