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Saturday, October 22, 2011

sweet moxie

Happy Saturday ya'll!
I'm gonna be brief because I feel like I just caught my husband's flu. Yucko. 
Moxie Mandie is a joy, joy, joy. 
Her pillows are beautiful, her heart is too. 
Check her out

What's been the high point of your month? 
This month has been such a roller coaster for me! It's by far been my busiest month since opening shop a year ago, which is SO COOL. Really. But, we're moving next week & to say it's been challenging to keep up with everything would be an understatement.

Describe the environment you like to create in. 
I like to create in a nice, organized environment. I'm not organized, though. So for the most part, my sewing table stays set up in our living room & my fabric is strewn around the living room, dining room, and soon-to-not-exist spare room, & I usually remember where everything is- usually. I'm almost always watching a show either on tv or netflix while working.

Can you show us a picture of your couch? Is it overloaded with moxie mandie pillows like mine? 

This photo was from a couple weeks ago. At this moment, there are a few folded towels & 2 non-matching pillows on the sofa, the rest of the pillows are lying naked, without cover, in a pile on the floor. (sidebar, I'd planned to show ya'll a pic of my sofa, but you know, flu) 

What is your favorite color combo right now? 

Oy. I love so many colors & combos. I guess at the moment, (& for a long time, now) I really love mustard yellow with grey. I like how black & brown can mix in nicely in that combo, too, for a more sophisticated neutral look.

What things from your shop would make an amazing Christmas gift this year? 
This season, I really think that these nicely textured pillows will be a hit:
The Tweed Suit Pillow Cover and the Mustard and Brown Diamond Pillow Cover. Maybe it's their Charlie Brown-ness? ;)

Thanks Mandie for showing us your beautiful stuff! 

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