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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Real quick. 
I want to let these ladies bless your life today. 
First - so many of your ordered advent calendars yesterday and I'm so excited to celebrate "with" you! If you didn't get it quick girl, I want to ship it in time! 
Now, on to letting these ladies bless your life. 

1. You know Ellen. Handmade Recess Ellen. Sashes Ellen. One of my best friends Ellen. 
She is reopening her shop today and I CANNOT WAIT. When I sit in her living room, I see the goodies piling up in her studio. You don't want to miss this. Check it out
2. Sidney from Recitherapy is my longtime friend and new blogger. 
Her food/lifestyle blog is a daily fave. 
I'm making her cookies today. Hooray!
3. Rachel from 4 Reasons is another long time friend/family-friend and I am so blessed by her new Norwex business. I've just started using Norwex products and I like anything that is green, clean, and GREAT. 
4. Moriah is a gem of an internet friend and I'm so honored to be featured on her site today. Please make Moriah a daily internet visit (if she isn't already). 
5. Audrey from Courage & Curls is a precious friend and COURAGEOUS writer. You will be blessed by reading her words today.
6. Last, but NOT least, April has a cute, cute, cute blog that will make your day. 
In my head, I call her "A" and pretend we're besties.
Is that okay, A? 

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