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Thursday, May 10, 2012

giving up on good, vol. 2

I so, so, so hope you're joining Hayley and I as we give up on good. 
If you don't know what we're talking about - read last week's post to catch up. 
Essentially - we are sharing and encouraging ya'll to share the good things that you can willingly give up to do the better things in your life. 

Last week, Hayley shared that her family made the wise decision to give up going to community group one week to create some margin for their boys. I shared that while I like to get dressed everyday, I've given up on the "good" idea that I should be dressed and ready by 7am. Instead, I take my time and stay in my jammies till noon sometimes. 

This week, I'm getting REAL vulnerable with ya'll. 
Here is a good thing I've given up. 

oh, hi friend. 

Listen, I'm crunchy - but not that crunchy. I still use deodorant. I still wash my hair and wear makeup. 
But I would say I only shower 5 times a month. 
That's a true story. 

Here's the deal. Do I think it sounds like a good idea to bath daily and keep my hair super clean and wash my face twice a day? Yes. Yes, I do. 

But I'm a mom to three rambunctious young kiddos 
who I love and want to spend my days with. 
I'm a wife to a pastor with a fluctuating schedule. 
I'm a small business owner
I'm a blogger. 
I'm planning a conference
I like to exercise. 
I aspire to be a good friend. 
I like to spend time with Jesus. 
I want to serve my neighborhood. 
I want to serve and be present in my church. 
AND I'm learning that I've got to rest. And have margin.

Those are my "better" things, and an hour of showering and getting fixed up daily just won't work. And please don't suggest spending less time showering and doing my hair. Ya'll, this mane is HIGH MAINTENANCE. Best case scenario for me, including cutting all corners possible, it's gonna take an hour to wash, condition, and dry this head. So we're not even counting makeup or bodily pampering. 

So here's what I've opted for. I've given up on a daily or every-other-day-shower. 
Instead I do bird-baths with baby wipes, use lots of solid perfume, and I've (over time) trained my hair to not get oily. I promise you, anyone can train their hair this way - here is a good guide on how to do it. 

less frequent showering means less frequent robe washing

And when I do shower - typically once to twice a week - I make it worth it. 
I use shower oils and candles and there is usually music playing. 
And sometimes, when the hair is finally dry, I'll blow my serene bathroom a kiss and say, "see you again soon, friend!". But during the rest of the week, I rarely regret being an infrequent showerer. Because I've given up that "good" for better things. 

And people in my real life promise I don't stink.
I'm taking their word for it. 

What about you? 
What good have you given up on? 
Link up here or over on The Tiny Twig and let us know! 


paige :: approaching joy said...

Hey Jessi!
Thanks for this post. Though I'm not a mom, I know what it's like to have "high maintenance hair". I totally feel you on the hour plus time span and I just don't have that time every day either; I can't even imagine what it would be like in your situation.
Hope you're having a great day.

Lindsy said...

Oh you just made me feel so much better. I've stopped the every-other-day shower and now I'm at about twice a week or so. Usually every 3 days. And my hair is totally cool with it! But I had his nagging feeling that I was a dirty gross person because of it. Haha. Now - I am going to embrace it!!! Thank you for that bit of freedom! ;-)