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Thursday, May 3, 2012

giving up on good.

A of all - thank you guys for being so excited about Influence! We are SO pumped! I've been smiling my face off reading your tweets and emails about how excited you are and how you want to help out! We cannot wait to share more details - starting next Monday! 

B of all - how about this story? 

One day a few weeks ago, I was perusing Hayley's blog and reading old posts that I'd missed out on. I came across this life giving post and as I read it and marinated on it, I realized - it felt so comfortable and homey to me because I'd written a similar post about a year earlier. I love when the Lord does that! Lines your heart right up with a friend. 

Anyhow, the basis of both of our posts were kind of gracefully explaining the good things we'd given up on with the intention of taking care of the things that really mattered to us. 

Instead of perpetuating the lie that you have to do it all well, all early, all efficient - what if we spoke life to one another and imparted grace to one another by waving our white flags and admitting the good things we've walked away from to pursue the better things. The things that are right for us? 

What if we had a little weekly linkup and you could share one or two things each week that you've given up on. Because you know you can serve your family, the Lord, or just keep a sense of peace by focusing your time, energy, talent, resources where He wants it to be. 

Here's my example for this week! 
I noticed on last year's post for "I don't do it all", I said that I don't get dressed every day and I will tell you - that has changed a good bit. Maybe once a week/every two weeks, I'll wear workout clothes all day - but for the most part, I've decided that I have a great closet full of thrifted clothes and it really blesses my husband/increases my work ethic/makes me feel generally better if i freshen my hair, put on some makeup, wear SOME sort of outfit. 
(now stick with me, I promise this will get encouraging)

exhibit a: 

But here's my secret. Here's the good I've given up on: 
I think it sounds good and well to get up before the crack o' dawn and get pretty, but I've given up on that. I want to get dressed cute for the day, but who says that has to happen before 11am? 

We're in an interesting season of life, our family. Kids semi-preschooling it up at home. Pastor husband with a flexible schedule. Work-at-home mama being a full time mama. All that means is we can have some LAZY mornings. I sure care about looking put together at some point in the day, but there are no rules that say I can't drink a pot of coffee, read with my kiddos, write 15 emails, and water the flowers out front before I ever brush my teeth. 

And so - I've given up on the "good" rule that says you should be dressed, ready for your day, cute as a button, all put together by 7am. Only because I've seen that letting ourselves have a super peaceful morning with no agenda builds great grace in our home. I try not to plan too much in the mornings or run any errands. It's just us, building our relationships, cleaning up messes, cuddling, and working on our letters. And I don't need a fedora with matching vintage shoes for that. 

And so, I give you, exhibit b: 
left side: Me at 11:19am on Tuesday. Husbands sweat pants & the shirt from yesterday.
The top half was too scary to document.
11:39 am: real pants, cuter shoes, a real shirt, and some freshly curled hair. 


So here's the thing, sister. 
Your secret's out. You don't do it all.
If you do, teach us all how. 
But for the rest of us - 
let's share some good things we've given up. 
Want to join us? 
Brainstorm what you've given up on or what you NEED to give up on and come back next Thursday to link your post here or on The Tiny Twig
We can't wait to see:) 

1 comment:

Ashley Ferguson said...

Obviously I don't do it all because as I sit here I am taking a bath (sorry, tmi) while my baby sleeps. It's rare that we get dressed before lunchtime in this house most days. :)