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Monday, May 14, 2012

Today, today! Today's the day!

Alright gals. 
Today's the day. 
Earlybird tickets for The Influence Conference go on sale TODAY for $170.00 at 9am EST and we're only selling 50 of those bad boys. 

I don't want to keep you long cause I know you need to get over there and snag your ticket, so how about a short list. Here are some of the reasons I would be going to Influence, even if I wasn't one of the hosts. 

#1. It's more than a conference. We really believe this is a new season, a new home for this generation of bloggers who want to make much of Jesus. On twitter and in the preschool pickup line. 

#2. Some of the women I most adore on the internet are speaking there. Like-minded women who seem a lot like me and like-minded women who seem incredibly different from me. I'm excited about EVERY ONE of our speakers, but some that I'm freaking out over: 
Jami Nato, Emily Freeman, and Nish. Incredibly different women, incredibly like-hearted.

#3. I would go to Influence just for the community leaders. Truly. We've hand picked ten or so women who we believe are key players in this new emerging community. Not only are they coming to the conference, but they've said they will be available all weekend to help lead women through the event. They are some of my favorite women in America that I've never gotten to meet. 
MoriahBlair, Annalea, KaciaKara-Kae,        Jen, Raechel, Amanda, and Ashley

#4.  I'd go to Influence because it's going to be a life-giving, refreshing, and rejuvenating weekend. Our aim from the get go is to give you a weekend that is full of wisdom and encouragement and community WHILE creating margin for you to process, rest, and relax. We don't want you to leave exhausted or drained. We are tailoring and planning and praying that you will leave October 13th READY. For whatever the Lord has for you. 

#5. I would come to Influence to learn. If you want to know more about blogging, social media, networking and branding - all for the glory of God, you will learn at Influence. If you want to learn more about seasons of life, applying the gospel in real life community, and making the most of where the Lord has placed you, you will learn at Influence. I truly believe we'll all leave sharpened. 

More than a conference. Wise & wonderful speakers. Incredible community leaders. 
Refreshing weekend. Sharpening tools. 

And those are just my first five reasons. 
I'll keep sharing. 
For now, you hop on over to the website and snag your ticket.
When the fifty earlybirds are sold out, we'll announce on our blogs and twitter. 

I'll see you ladies there! 

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