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Friday, August 3, 2012

brown paper packages tied up with string

brown paper packages. a few of my favorite things. 

picture it. 
It's 8:30pm on a Thursday night. 
Kiddos just went to bed. 
It was a work day/mama day for me. 
Grocery shopping, four hours in the office, friends over for dinner, kiddos to bed. 
And I know... I still have at least four hours of  work tonight. 
It's nights like this that I think 
I mean, I'd like to watch tv or go to bed but 

new table rules print. keep potty talk in the potty - ok, glory?

Here's why I love it. 
I go upstairs and take out my contacts and throw my hair in a bun. 
Nick makes some coffee and slices some fresh strawberries for me. 
He prays for my work ethic and I sit down at the computer and he sits on the office couch and he works on his sermon and I go through my massive to-do list and we work and we laugh and we laugh and we work.

i love these silhouette prints so much. everyone makes me smile. 

- I admire our new brown kraft paper packaging that the smart one (Nick) so brilliantly ordered instead of the plain old white ones. 
- The boss tells me he brought back the multi-colored Jesus prints, one of my faves that I forgot to relist. Who knew? 
- I make a new print, table rules, for a friend and subsequently print one for our house pronto. (Get it in the shop in three colors.)
- I think things like "sure we could be resting or watching the olympics or having hobbies, but how fun is this? printing these fun prints with God's word on them for people we really like!". Strawberries make me optimistic. 

i have a crush on the boss. and on the multicolored jesus prints.
bottom line. 
keep potty talk in the potty. 
(it's a part of the table rules print, get it?)

if you're feeling dumpy, eat some strawberries.
kraft paper packages are the best.
don't write blogs past midnight. 
happy friday :)  

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