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Thursday, August 2, 2012

the backstory.

Well, you guys. Thank you for being so excited with us. 
We are so stinking excited. 

So some details? 
Anyone want to hear? 
It's a story I want to tell:). 

me at 3.5 weeks feeling so PREGNANT. ha.
Nick the day we found out. That's his really happy face.
the test. Nick said we had to get the nice test for this go-round. 

- It wasn't planned but we weren't sad in the slightest. Shocked. But grateful. 
- I'm about 12 weeks right now, but we found out RIGHT at 4 weeks so woosh, it's been a long wait to tell people. 
- The kids know and they are over the moon excited. Their first responses were things like "oh! you don't ever need babysitters! we'll babysit!" and "let's name it Henry!" and "Can the baby sleep in my bed?!". They've been so precious. 
- I've been sick like a dog since 5 weeks on the dot. I've never had a pregnancy like this. It was six weeks and five days of the most intense nausea, fatigue, and general awfulness. But it was God's grace to me because when I'd feel ok for an hour or two, I'd be scared I was miscarrying.
(on that note if you're waiting on an email from me or anything in general, now you know why. I'm slowly working out of the black hole of first trimester! feeling better every day!) 

the blessed ultrasound that showed one beating heart.
my new favorite position. I developed some serious narcolepsy in this pregnancy.
food is of the utmost importance these days. 
- I knew with my whole self that I was expecting at about 3 weeks. But my patient man had me wait to find out so we could make it special. One day on vacation, we went on a lunch date and I took a test in the bathroom without looking at it. I kept it in my purse till we both couldn't wait any longer. We fist-bumped, kissed, I cried, and we got some chocolate cake to celebrate. 
- I am showing, but not in a cute way. bahahaha. In a everything-looks-a-little-soft-around-the-whole-midsection kind of way. 
- Now that I'm back in the land of semi-normal-eaters again, I'm craving two major food groups: fresh, raw vegetables (YAY!) and disgusting processed food (OH LORD). Think veggie sandwiches and microwaved egg rolls. Taco Bell and homemade hummus. Papa Johns and sliced red peppers. No meat. No dairy. Lots of mustard on everything. EVERYTHING. Nick has yet to let me succumb to my Taco Bell desires because he keeps telling me it's a "slippery slope". He knows Benjamin was basically grown from bean burritos and we're trying to avoid that route again. 
- We WILL find out if it's a boy or a girl and I have pretty much no suspicions either way right now. Glory would like a girl and the boys would like a boy:) Either way, we will be thrilled! 

Thanks for letting me indulge in all my stories. 
I've been so excited to tell ya'll. 
I promise to keep the food craving and bodily change posts to a minimum. 
For the most part:) 


17 Perth said...

Ahhhhh!!! Yay!! So so exciting--love the "back story" and I am so thrilled for you guys. I pray you continue to feel better and better. And that you stay off that slippery slope. ;)

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Just read your blog for the first time and it gave me hope for my sweet best friend to have a happy ending like yours. After suffering a first trimester miscarriage and a 38 week stillborn, she is bravely trying to conceive again. My prayers are with you for a healthy happy pregnancy and baby!