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Friday, August 31, 2012

challenge + accessibility = opportunity

Today, I am incredibly excited to share a new project we've been working on with y'all.
If you're here - you know that I write a blog. 

And most of you might know that our family is involved with a few other internet-based endeavors. We run the print shop. We do blog design. I'm a part of the She Reads Truth team. I helped start Sashes to the Merchants. And we're in the midst of helping to plan the first (of many) Influence Conference that will be held in Indianapolis in about 40ish days. 

I say all this only because it's not where we ever really saw our life headed. I had no clue I had any part entrepreneur in me. I knew my husband was super enterprising, but when I started blogging six years ago, I didn't ever see it as a career move and I certainly never thought you could make money from it. And now, while we don't financially gain from all the things we do online - we have (by God's grace) begun to see this whole new possibility. We've been super overwhelmed by the opportunities He's given us to work online in a way that provides for our needs. And since this past January, by lots of trial and error and HEAPS of help from the Lord, we've been able to live completely off of what we make from our small business projects and my husband has been freed up to run our business & brand while serving as a pastor full time. It's not what everyone is called to and it sure isn't what we ever expected to be called to, but it's been a joy of a ride

All that being said - we want to share the "wealth". We DON'T live extravagantly, but we do live extravagantly in awe of God working in our businesses to bless those around us and to provide for us. And we want to pass along what we've learned. So we've hand-crafted a mentorship program that is based on challenge + accessibility. We want to help YOU - other bloggers and creative business owners work smarter & not harder by spurring you with information-based sessions and accountability but ALSO by opening up our business and rhythms and failures and successes to show you what has worked for us and what hasn't. 

I hear from women online constantly who just want to bless their families and express the gifts God has given them at the same time. I also hear from frustrated women who don't know where to start, don't know how to network, spend more on their endeavor than they make, etc. It's a huge reason Hayley and I wanted to put on Influence - we both want women to work smarter with better success, rather than harder - toiling and not making money. I've learned a lot from wise women like Hayley - and Sarah and Ellen, to name a few. And I want to pass on what I've got now. 

Woosh - that's a long introduction. 
What I'm trying to say is....
We're starting a Naptime Diaries mentorship program for bloggers and shop owners. 
We would LOVE for you to be a part of the first session. 

Our intention is to bless you guys and send you off encouraged and excited. 
If you have any questions - email me at jessiconnolly at gmail or tweet me today!
I anticipate the first six spots will go quick, so don't wait! 

We are so excited to partner with you. 
love, The Connollys. 

1 comment:

Aja said...

This is awesome Jessi! I would love to be a part of this at some point! And praise Jesus that you guys have been profitable this year! Amazing.