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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

all the things.

When the internet + Jesus + community collide - I get all kinds of warm fuzzy. 
Yesterday was one of those just crazy precious days where you see all sorts of fruits pay off. 
Today I'll be having a super cool internet day hangover, but I just wanted to share a few things in case you missed them! 

The SheReadsTruth team launched our very first (very own!) bible reading plan on YouVersion! Our team often says - this is one thing we never saw coming. None of us ever saw SheReadsTruth coming and we sure never saw it expanding to thousands and thousands of women and we never thought we'd get to have a plan on the app we originally started reading on. God has big plans when it comes to people making much of Him, and we are holding on for dear life. 

Also - today marks TWENTY THREE days till the Influence Conference! What?! That goes under the same category of "big things the Lord is doing that we are just along for the ride". Last night - Hayley, Casey, Moriah and I hosted a little simulcast where we talked about the upcoming conference and gals tweeted in their questions and comments. It was so incredibly fun and just goes to prove - this community is real and alive and active and looking for a home. You can watch the video of the simulcast here and you can buy one of the last couple of tickets here! Hurry, they WILL sell out this week! 

This is a fun little gig. A great community. 
Thanks Lord for letting me tag along. 

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