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Monday, September 17, 2012

we're having a....

I seriously can't watch that video without dying laughing. 
She eventually calmed down. Eventually. 

In all seriousness - what we're having looks to be a very healthy baby. 
Thank you all for you prayers over the last week or so. The big, big, big scary problem that my doctors thought I was dealing with looks to be more like a much less big, much less scary problem. I'm still on "light rest" - no more running that 10k or standing up for too long but I will take that ANY day over serious problems for me + baby. 

This weekend, I've let my heart get attached all over again to this baby. 
Picturing bringing him home and cuddling him and singing him to sleep. 
Watching him wrestle his brothers and bless his sister.
I always hoped deep down I'd get to be a mama to three boys. 
And now, I have that precious princess thrown into the mix too:). 

Again, thank you for praying for our family. 
We will repay you with MANY adorable and precious baby boy photos come early 2013. 
That's a promise. 


Tami Hagglund said...

Our baby girl (we have a son who turned 18 months last Tuesday) is due in 12 days and man alive, I feel ya! I just imagine her face and lips and nose and yawn and cheeks and toes and tiny little limbs and fingernails and I simply ache to meet her, to bring her home to see the space we've been preparing for her. It gets my heart all mushy for how Jesus & the Father must feel, as they prepare a place for us and anticipate that day they get to behold us face to face :)

Amber said...

Ha!!!! I just watched this with my boys and they asked if we could go to your house to play with "those crazy boys" :) We have the same family!!! 3 Boys and 1 girl in 5 years. Our princess Iz will never spend one day in High School without a brother to watch over her. Good thing she is only 2 so her reaction to yet another boy was much less. Congrats my friend, you all are in my prayers!

The Arizona Russums said...

Hilarious!!!! I am so tired this morning and that was such a joyful wake up. In the words of Elias... Yes, yes, yes, yes! *wiggles hips*

Alison said...

Oh! This reminds me of me...I was so mad about my second baby brother...I didn't know in advance so it made it so I just sat disgusted in the hospital room crying that he wasn't a sister. Please let Glory know it is so great being the only girl. I always got my own room and nobody stole my clothes! Plus, I think my mom and I are much closer today because we had to stick together in a house full of boys. :)

Trisha Rush said...

Oh I so remember being in Glory's shoes!!! I bawled my eyes out when I learned I was having a THIRD baby brother. I eventually got over it :)

Alana of Domestic Bliss Diaries said...

That video was hilarious! Bless her little heart... She wanted a sister! ;) Love how you explained she'd be a princess with protectors. You'll have to show her this, like, 10 years from now! LOL