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Thursday, October 25, 2012

it's finally here!

I am so super super super excited to announce.... 

For the past few years our family has made a little printed advent calendar banner type goodie that we hang throughout our home to decorate + use to celebrate the season leading up to Christmas. We do a little fun activity most days, some days a big something - most days a little something, just to prepare our family and our hearts for what Christmas is really about. 

Last year, we started selling them and this year - we're doing it again! 
Just bigger + hopefully even better. Here's why. 

This year - we're selling the same style advent calendar. Mini prints that can be hung, strung, place throughout your home. We hang ours like a banner, but we've heard of folks hiding them each day for their kids, displaying one each day on the breakfast table, even putting them on their Christmas tree! 

The difference in the designs for this year's calendar is that they're larger (4.25 x 5.5) and there are MORE of them - 28 instead of 25. We heard from many customers last year who like 28 days of advent, following the more traditional liturgical advent calendar. This way - you can choose for yourself! Do 25, do 28, your choice! 

Another reason I like this year is that I've teamed up with another one of my internet endeavors to make this calendar extra special. Are you following along with SheReadsTruth? It's a website that I am thrilled to be a part of where thousands of women are reading God's word together daily. We are in the process of writing an advent daily devotional that walks through the Old Testament + New Testament, looking at the prophecies Jesus fulfilled and the true joy His birth was for us - the children of God. 

This calendar is designed to match those days of scripture reading AND included in the package of your purchase is a printed reading plan complete with links to the SheReadsTruth website where you can follow along! 

Mostly I am so excited to share this bigger + better advent calendar with our customers because it's kind of like our christmas gift to y'all. Our way of celebrating with you, our way of gifting you with TWENTY EIGHT specially designed goodies for a super low price, our way of preparing our hearts for the celebration of His birth with you. And this year's just make me want to sing because it's so gospel centered, so encouraging, and so much less commercial. Plus the idea of reading along in God's word with you, your families, your friends, and your roommates gets me all kind of excited. 

We love you guys a whole, whole lot. 
To celebrate the release of the advent calendar with you, we'd like to offer you a free print of your choice in addition to your order. If you buy an advent calendar, write in the notes section which free print you'd like from our shop and we'll send it all together. 
We can only offer that this Thursday + Friday, the 25th + 26th of October, so hop on it! 

You can buy the printed advent calendar here in the shop
and don't for get to ask for your free print with purchase!
((For those who might ask, the printable version will be available closer to advent))

all the goodies up close (minus the 3 bonus prints)

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