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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

to be an influential blogger/writer - volume 1.

I didn't expect the surge of strategic energy that is coming through my brain since the Influence Conference. I was the life girl and Hayley was the strategic girl. I barely even got to hear any of the strategic sessions, which I was super bummed about. 

However, as Hayley and I have been processing, as we build The Influence Network and commit to never watering down the strategic or the gospel - we've got to both walk in some humble fearlessness in both. And sure enough, just being around all those wise ladies rubbed off on me and I've come home ready to embrace my strategic goals and crazy ideas. 

And for me - the base of my strategic stuff is always going to be the blog, the writing. The prints are our business, the mentorship a sweet outlet, the network an extension and a prayer of what I believe God is doing online, but this space is always the starting point. It's the face of it all the meeting place. It's the table cloth that I set the table of all my other strategic stuff on. 

So back to basics I go. I want to write true content. I want to practice my craft. Build a community. Impart grace, Inspire, Share Design, share a Peak into our life, & Spur women on in their endeavors. 

As I write new rules, or ask the Lord to write new rules, in my life influence and online influence - I thought, why not share them? And here's an important one I think. There are lots of rules about blogging, lots of rules about being a writer - but this is one that is talked about less and broken more. It's a hard and fast rule for me, but you weigh it out and see where you settle on it. 

If I'm going to write. If I'm going to speak. If I'm going to encourage or spur - I'm going to do it from a place of personal growth, change, and conviction - not a desire to see others change. It's more genuine. More honest. More impactful. And your hearers will be more eager to hear. 

It would be quite easy to sit on the internet or read the paper or watch the world and want to use your words to make it change. But when you close the laptop, the book, stand up and live, fail, win, regret, hope, dream, fall, lose, hurt, and experience - your words mean that much more. 

Live, grow, and change. And write about that. 

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