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Friday, December 7, 2012

anticipating + celebrating

Advent is in full swing. 
We're buying gifts. Doing our little activities. 
Saying yes to some fun things, saying no to some fun things. 
Repeating to our kiddos - 
"Why is Christmas so awesome? Right! Because Jesus came + rescued us!"

I'm reading the SheReadsTruth advent plan and being shocked (like I always am) that a plan I helped write can still feel so fresh and applicable. 
I thought I'd do a little check in and share how advent is going for us as we are trying to be intentionally intentional and grace-filled all at once. Did you like that sentence? 

the first day of advent we went to cracker barrel for breakfast. it was great:)

the second day of advent we bought gifts for kiddos who won't get toys this christmas

the third day of advent, we dropped off said gifts + got frozen yogurt
the fourth day of advent, we had daddy's special fish tacos (our fave) and a special bible time

the fifth day of advent we made salt dough ornaments with friends

the sixth day of advent we had special ipad bible time and cuddle session
I will say this - this devotion by my sweet friend Raechel is probably one of my favorite ever devotion days I've ever read. Ever. In my whole life. She opened up the SheReadsTruth advent with a huge whammy. I sat reading it with tears in my eyes and highly suggest reading it. (sidebar: we mostly keep who writes what anonymous - but I'm just really thankful for Jesus in Raechel and those wise words that day) 

For me, the idea that the Father provided protection-deliverance-interference between me and the enemy of this world through His son in the form of grace was a refreshing truth that I needed to be smacked with. Especially in a season where we are anticipating the coming of Jesus - His first and His next - and this is a season where I would like to eradicate grace from my own life. As a woman, I want to do all the things and be all the things and yet my loving Father sent His son precisely so I didn't have to make my ownself well or good. Precisely because I couldn't. 

So for me, to celebrate Jesus this season is to celebrate His great grace. 
His greatness in light of my great need. 
Him being enough where I never will be. 

And that news isn't sad or defeated or self-deprecating. 
It's worth decking the town in tinsel, cutting down 607 fresh trees, and stringing miles of twinkling lights. 

He is so worth celebrating, how have you been doing it this week? 

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