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Thursday, December 6, 2012

inspiration you can use.

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There's nothing I dislike more than going on to pinterest to find some home-creative-inspiration and being straight up dumb-founded. Or trying something creative in my home only to have it fail miserably. Especially at Christmas. It's Christmas. We don't have time for failed inspiration, you know? 

So, from my home to yours - here are some Christmas-creative-inspirations that are no fail. At the very least, they'll give you something pretty to look at & get you feeling jolly, but maybe you'll even find something that brings real tangible inspiration to your home too! 

Disclaimer: I'm a craft-failer. I think I have awkward fingers or something. If I can make these simple little goodies, you can too. Promise. 

(top to bottom, left to right)
1. the christmas scent stovetop thing. TOTALLY WORKS. and really lasts days. 
2. We're going to hang christmas cards this way this year. If we get more than the 3 we've gotten so far. (HINT HINT send me some) 
3. Need a little deer + glitter. Download this printable below and hang it somewhere fun!
4. You'll find jars with cranberries + floating candles all over our house. We love them. 
5. Nick and I make crepes on Christmas Eve while we wrap presents. It's my fave Christmas tradition and I am totally passing it on to you. 
6. Need a cutie little stocking stuffer? Baked coffee mugs with a cute design or phrase do the trick. 
7. What goes better with a glitter deer than a chalkboard bird? Also found below. 
8. We hung our stocking in a similar way this year and I LOVE IT. 
9. Salt dough tags for giftwrap. My fave. 

Free printables, as promised, below! 
Enjoy the inspiration, friends!
open in a new window, save as .jpg and print! 
open in a new window, save as .jpg and print! 

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