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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

2013 Lent Calendar!

We are super, super excited to announce...

One day on instagram, I casually joked about being bummed about taking down my advent calendar + how I wish I had a lent one to put up in it's place. That joke turned into lots of emails and comments and texts from friends, all saying the same thing - DO IT

Nick and I seriously started talking about it and while it seemed like such a fun idea - we didn't want to make a lent calendar just to make one. We wanted there to be purpose behind it. We wanted it to be a blessing. We wanted to know that it would really aid in helping people set their hearts on Jesus as Easter drew near. 

And finally we decided, yes. Yes. Easter is like the superbowl for Christians because we get to celebrate NEW LIFE in Christ. The very thing that makes us Christians. Did we want to provide something beautiful and hopefully life giving for our customers to celebrate with? Yes. Was it a huge undertaking to make 41 individual mini-prints? Yes. Was it super worth it? Yes. 

And so starting today through February 6th, we will be selling these bad boys and we'll ship them all out in time for lent to start on February 13th. I'm gonna let the bossman/husband/CEO tell you a little more about the lent calendar and how our family will be using it! 
from Nick: 
If I am being honest, the Lent season sneaks up on the Connollys. With Christmas, the cues come far more natural, at least for our family. Each year decorations come out earlier and earlier, Thanksgiving is celebrated with family, and before you know it we have launched into black friday shopping “stealth mode”. Once the Black Friday fog clears, there seems to be a natural flow into the advent season for the american church and our family. It never sneaks up on me, is what I am trying to say.

Lent is a different season all together (at least for the Connollys). As I set out to recoup from my holiday belly and accomplish my new years resolutions for at least one week, the Easter season sneaks up on me, sadly, without any prayer or preparation.
My hope for the Connollys (and for your family) is that this calendar would serve as a tool and a reminder to help you prepare your hearts for the Lent season; that is the season where you and I were set free from bondage and brought from death to life through one man (Jesus) being brought from death to life
How it works and is designed, is to start on Wednesday, February 13th (Ash Wednesday) and instead of ending on March 28th (Maundy Thursday), we decided to celebrate Easter with you all as the calendar ends on Easter Sunday, March 31st. We hope you enjoy this calendar, but more than that, we hope you enjoy a Savior who took our place on the cross and conquered death so that we might have life and life to the fullest. 

A few housekeeping notes about the Lent Calendar: 
- They will only be on sale for two weeks, so do not wait if you want one! 
- We had a few production issues with the advent calendar and a few customers whose cards weren't cut evenly. To prevent that, we've had these cards cut digitally + professionally by an outside source and they are PERFECT. 
- A few of these mini-prints will become 8x10 prints in the shop very soon, keep an eye out! 

a few of my faves up close 

We hope this calendar is as much a blessing to your home as we anticipate it being in ours!
In general, it's just a huge joy to do holidays with our customers + community online. 
We love you guys! 

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