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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

the way I see it | Happy Birthday Nick!

From where I sit, Mr. Connolly - you are one gem of a man. 
I had to say it, the other night, after we'd had some serious "intense fellowship" (aka - arguing). Even when I'm mad at you, even in the moments where I feel hurt or unheard - I have this full awareness that you're more than I deserve and you're more of a husband than I'd even know to ask for. I don't want to ever stop knowing that. 

The way I see it, this has been a huge year of growth for you. We prayed last year on your birthday that the Lord would loosen your tongue like Zechariah and I really truly believe He answered that prayer. This year I've seen you preach, I've seen your put into action so many of the things you've thought and planned and prayed over for the years before. You've spoken truth to me, you've spoken life to our kids. You've apologized. You've had hard talks. You've counseled. You have encouraged. 

The way I see it, I'm blessed by the women who tell me "my husband had lunch with your husband the other day and was so blown away by him!" or the women who walk up to me in tears after you preach affirming how the Lord is using you. I love when other people see the vision and gifts God has given you. I know there will always be people in your life who don't appreciate those gifts and the way I see it, that's ok. It's an honor to walk with a man who wants so badly to steward what his Father has given him, but knows that none of the tools he possesses are his anyhow. 

I love that taking the kids clothes that don't fit anymore to Goodwill fills your love tank. I love that when I walk downstairs in the morning I can always expect to see you eating eggs and reading the Word. I'd be shocked to see anything else. I love that you ask Elias for a turn on the Wii and that you're such a good driver. 

The way I see it, we are just incredibly blessed to have you as a dad and husband. 
There is no getting around it. I've officially had a crush on you for 12 years and I still pinch myself when I realize I'm married to Nick. Connolly. The same Nick Connolly whose name I doodled on my notebooks in high school. The same, and not the same at all. 

I love you, husband. 
I pray you have a peaceful 30th birthday where you feel loved and appreciated. 

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