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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

you influence BY HANNAH

I'm Hannah and I blog over at Simply Add Coffee. I'm wife to Harrison and Mom to our 3-month-old daughter. I’ve been reading the book "Womanly Dominion" by Mark Chanski. Even though I haven't finished it yet, it has been such a challenging and encouraging read. Chanski challenges women to "Play your position" and "Win it!", meaning that we are to find our purpose and work in the place God has placed us to the best of our ability. As women, we have areas of dominion that we are responsible for and that we have the opportunity to have influence over. I wanted to share just a couple of areas in our own homes that we have dominion over.

You influence the atmosphere of your home.

As busy women, wives and mamas we can’t always have a spotless home with a perfectly planned schedule. But we can create an atmosphere of peace and joy in our homes in the way that we clean, organize, plan events and even cook dinner. Does your house feel loud and chaotic? Or is there a sense of order in the midst of real life?

You influence what your children see as important.

If someone were to watch your everyday life, it would be very clear what’s important to you. And guess what, that’s what our kids do. What’s the first thing you do in the morning? Spend time with God? Read blogs? Clean the house? Is it more important for you to make your kids clean their rooms or to teach them about grace? They will pick up on these things.

You influence the way your children treat others.

The way you treat others is the way your kids will treat others (and probably how they will treat you as well!). If we show them how to be respectful and love others, they will see that. This is especially true of the way we treat our husbands - it is a HUGE influence on the way our kids view their Dad.

You influence the way your children see Jesus.

This might be pretty obvious, but I think it’s worth saying. You know what your prayer-life is like, and so do your children. Do they see you spending time in the word and in prayer or do they see you seeking to fulfill your own plans. Are they learning that time with Jesus is something to check off a to-do list, or witnessing a true-love and worship of a Savior? The good news is there is SO. MUCH. GRACE. in living in our households and raising children. And, thankfully, God is sovereign over our families and children. But we have SUCH an opportunity to use our dominion and influence for good! I pray that we all learn to walk in that grace and be women of dominion.

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