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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

happy, volume one

How about a new installment on the blog? 
A little light-hearted list of things I'm loving? 
Because we all need a little dose of happy, amen? 

I have to keep it real and tell y'all - I've never been a baby wearer. Not with any of my babies. I maybe used a sling like once or twice, otherwise - it's just not been my thing. UNTIL. Enter fourth baby. The good people at Happy Wrap asked me if I wanted to try out one of their wraps and I was shocked at how much I liked it. It's super lightweight, a pretty gray color, and easier than easy to use. 

Last week, our oldest kiddo had to have a little outpatient surgery, which normally would have been stressful at best with a newborn in the picture. However, this happy mama threw on her happy wrap and we were alllll happy. I was able to care for Elias and Cannon simultaneously without sweating or getting some massive backache. Now. I'm a happy fan for life. 

Something else that makes me crazy happy? The mail these days. The bloggers have been straight up blessing baby Cannon and I'm so crazy grateful. Here are just a few pictures of things we've gotten from lovely ladies across the US. 

1. A sweet bowtie onesie from Psalm 139 Studios
2. Some cards from Red Letter Paper Co to send as thank you notes. 
3. Even more thank you notes from Bow & Arrow Art
4. These customized booties from Coconut Robot. You read that right. One says "Cannon" and one says "Murray". Oh heavens. Plus a cutey cute blanket from Ellen
5. These Song of Solomon baby shoes from Parker & Posie

psst: this is just installment one of blessings from bloggers, can't wait to show more
one two three 
Spring, she is a coming, amen? 
I want to plaster my walls with beautiful prints and paintings. 
These are some of my faves to stare at right now. 

And you? What about you? 
What's making you happy these days? 

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