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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

influential women

Hey gals! I'm excited today to be linking up with some other Influence gals for the 
linkup for Influential Women

The purpose is to connect with other women who are a part of The Influence Network & get a working list of those gals all together, sharing a bit about themselves. You have to be a member of the network to participate, but if you aren't already - signing up is quick and easy!

If you're a member of the network, join us! 
Here's how it works!

Step 1: Write a post with the following info. 
   A photo of yourself that you love.  Three get-to-know-me things. 
One valuable thing you've gained from the Network.

Step 2: Linkup & share your post. Then visit the person who posted before you and say hi to them! Of course, you can visit alllll the blogs if you like and say hey to everyone! 

Alright, I'm getting started. 

And that's me! In a tiny little nutshell. 
Again, if you're a part of the network - come join us! 

1 comment:

Meaghan said...

I have been a lurker on your blog for several months now, but have to come out and say thank you for following through with this dream of the Influence Network!

The last few months have been filled with heartache & loss and I have found peace & new friends through those who are involved.

So thank you!