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Monday, March 25, 2013

once a year | our HUGE sale

Tell your mama, tell your sister, tell your friend. 
We can only afford to do this once a year. 
It's bigger than Black Friday or Christmas or anything else. 

Because spring is (supposedly) almost here. 
Because it's almost Easter - basically the Christian superbowl. 
Because we love our customers. 
Because when you're spring cleaning, you may as well put a whole new room of prints. 

It's 48 hours only. It will end at 11:59 PST on Tuesday, March 26th. 
And just for the record - here's what 40% discount looks like in reality: 
A single print that is normally $14 is now $8.40 - WHAT? 
A bundle of 4 prints is $6 per print - OH MY!
A bundle of 7 prints is $5.14 per print - WE'RE CRAZY. 
and (wait for it) a bundle of 15 prints is $3.96 PER PRINT. 
Hop on that, y'all. 

And in case you're wondering, here are a few of my favorite prints in the shop right now!

So, enjoy friends!
We so enjoy writing scripture creatively on the walls of your home. 
- The Naptime Diaries Crew 

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