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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

the things stuck on my heart

Here are the things stuck on my heart right now. 

This line that my friend Sarah wrote about taking a break from blogging. "I'm exhausted of thinking of myself" Blogging is so often that. How do I feel about this? How can I best express it? What do others think of what I'm expressing?I think the opposite of that is holding your hands and words open to the Lord and asking Him what He wants you to say and when He wants you to say it and letting that be it. I'm trying very hard to sit there. 

This Cannon Murray character is 3 months old. How did that happen? Y'all, he's really as cool as he seems. Cooler, really. I feel like his birth and short life has sloughed the dead skin off my tender heart. Holding him and smiling at him has so awakened my mama heart for all my kids. Have I written that enough? Sorry, I can't stop saying it. Thank you, Lord. 

We are in the season of transition of all transitions. Did you know we're quite transient people? We've only spent two subsequent Christmases in one house and we've officially lived in seven house in seven years of marriage. This June, we'll move once again (after only being in Indiana for a year and a half) back to South Carolina to plant a church and enter into a totally new season - living in the same place for many, many years. I'm really grateful God has sustained us and enabled us to thrive through so much transition and so many different communities. But I may be writing about that a good bit in the coming month. 

And now in my caution to not exhaust thinking about myself I'm off. 
What's stuck on your heart today, friend? 

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