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Thursday, April 25, 2013

too much | glimpses of grace

I always tell people I'm a hope junkie. 
Which is nice, being a believer, knowing there is always hope - right?
Here are little glimpses of hope, which scream God's grace in my life. 

my sisters + nieces. can't believe I'm about to live in the same city with all those beauts. 
my glory girl. today she literally said to me, "thank you for taking care of when my brain was messed up". who says that? so grateful to do life with her. 
writing. currently working on content for the refresh ebook with Hayley. I like writing. 
my bridge. waiting for me in Charleston. (why are we moving to Charleston? see here!)
gals. just very grateful for the gals in my life. these two precious friends who visited from Seattle last week. internet friends to "meet with" throughout the week. fort wayne friends. and two of my dear friends had babies this week! I like friends. 

you? what are you glimpses of grace? 

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