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Monday, April 1, 2013

Today is THE day.

Last year in mid-October, two hundred women gathered to make much of Jesus and grow in their gospel-centered living as well as their online-business strategy. They laughed + cried + learned + grew together and a few months later, we saw a network born out of that community. 

With The Influence Network, we've been able to see like-minded women connect daily and weekly through forums + classes, but it's time to start planning our great big gathering once again. And for our second annual conference with double the amount of community to care for, we've got to up our game a little, right? 

Some big, amazing additions to this year's conference? 
- It's at a different (fancier + bigger + Starbucks IN the lobby) hotel. 
- Our speakers last year were incredible, but we went completely fresh this year to mix it up and literally got our DREAM list of speakers for 2013
- A new set of community leaders to usher our ladies through the weekend. 
- Workshops that are gonna bless your socks off.
- A handmade market that is twice the size of last years. 
- Companies + new sponsors that you're going to be so excited to meet. 
- A network to sustain the growth that will happen on that wonderful weekend. 

So, today is THE day. 
Ticket's go on sale.
Last Wednesday we went to the hotel and prayed over the main ballroom. We prayed for those of you who have been saving up for months, we prayed for those of you who are just finding out about the conference, we prayed for those of you who would like to ignore the nudge inside you that tells you that you need to be there. 

Don't wait, grab your ticket, join your people.
The Influence Conference 2013 is sure to be a sweet, wild ride. 

Today on the Influence Blog we have a special little video and more information about getting your ticket! Be sure to check it out. Also, every day this week we'll have some new information about the conference on the blog - 
heart stuff + details + speaker interviews + MORE.
Don't miss it!  

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