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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

living room // Melissa Lyons // Spirit, Pour Out.

Last week it was so fun to show y'all my office and kind of share my heart behind it. 
Want to do it again? 

You get to my office by walking in the front door and turning to the right. If you to turn to the left, you walk right on into our living room. Welcome! (don't mind the cuties - they were tired from a long day at the park/grocery store/playdate)

Now this room is not really anywhere near being "done". 
We haven't put curtains up, there's no rug yet, and I don't have the throw pillows on there there that I'd really like. Y'all, I've got to admit. I've got living room stressor disease. I'm not the type of gal who just decorates a room and feels whimsical and settled. I genuinely obsessed for our first two weeks about this room and whether or not it would "work" or not.

I blame my background y'all. I'm a church planter's wife on a fundraising budget, but I worked in the home section of Anthropologie for too long to not care what my living space says when you walk in. So I do my best to piece it all together and shop from our home and thrift my little heart out till it "works". But really, it's always a work in progress, you know? 

So what you see here? 
Thrifted sofa + chair + ottoman from Habitat for Humanity. We're not freaking out about them being white because they're not super permanent - we have family who is passing down a leather sofa to us when they get a new one soon. 
Coffee table Nick made from a cabinet door he found in Indiana. 
Frames from around the house, print from our shop, fedora from my closet, aaaand....

My favorite new art from Melissa Lyons Art
Y'all. The story behind this beautiful art has so done my heart good. 
The short version is I posted this picture on instagram a few weeks ago. Our family was tired and overwhelmed with the move and we escaped to the beach for some refreshment and a dinner picnic. Right when we got settled, the skies just opened up and poured on us. 

After I posted the picture, Melissa immediately commented and said, "I'm painting that." And as I looked through her pictures, I wanted so badly to see her rendition of it. That sparked a trail of emails that have encouraged my heart more than I can describe. She has spoken life and blessing over our family and captured this beautiful moment in our life to boot. 

She prayed that the Holy Spirit would pour out like the rain in this picture, heavy and thick on our family. And I am amening and agreeing in prayer. Nick wrote a great post about the Spirit moving on behalf of our church plant that really resonates with me regarding this. You can read it here

Today, she has launched a whole new Etsy shop on top of her existing one and I HIGHLY suggest you to check both out. You will be so blessed and encouraged by her work and she is one creative woman that I'd love to send lots and lots of business to. 

Melissa Lyons Art: Blog // Original Shop // Boutique 419 << new shop based on Matthew 4:19

Free to Love print from our shop // Black + White piece from Melissa Lyons 

And with that beautiful new art, this corner has officially become one of my fave spots in the house. And that chair? She's officially my quiet time chair. 
And this? Is the other, quite undone side - just to keep it real. 
That pile of frames on the floor is for the other wall, on the right side of the sofa. 
That lightbulb needs a shade too. 
Meh - we're getting there. 

Well, y'all. A house tour is usually so not my thing. I'm not a diy-er or a home blogger and my motto is absolutely that this blog should be more of a coffee date and less of a trophy case. But, if you were over for coffee, I'd want to tell you these stories and these grace-filled bits. 

And I'd ask you what kind of curtains and rug you'd put in that room. So, any thoughts on that? Either way, if we keep walking around the house, the dining room is next. And that room is totalllllly not decorated but maybe we'll find a story to tell as we work on it. 
We'll see:) 

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