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Friday, June 28, 2013

things are brewing.

My mama knows. 
She has a strange sixth sense with me when things are going on, good or bad, she just knows. She'll call and say, "It's been a day and half since we talked, but you seem quiet....". 

It's only been a few days since I've blogged but it's felt like a really pregnant (I'm NOT pregnant) pause for me. My past few months have been full of pauses. My friends text me and hear back from me days later. Emails, psh. It takes me forever to answer them. For such a typically planned person, I've felt a day late and behind for the better part of a year. Pregnancy, moving, business becoming more full time -- all good, great things, but they've left me feeling more than a little tired. 

I'm thrilled to be walking with my husband in church planting, I'm so excited to be in Charleston, praying for and serving our neighbors, and of course I'm so happy to be near family once again. But I'm also REALLY excited for the fresh start of setting new rhythms and paces and processes in our life. 

When we landed in Charleston a few weeks ago, I would've described my heart and schedule and brain as a basket with a few balls of yarn that were all tangled. I've spent the past few weeks untangling and untangling and untangling and now, I feel like I'm down to the last few knots. Life is feeling simpler and the Lord is seeming to be near. Nothing feels easier or more doable in my own strength, but rather - I see again clearly how He's put me where He wants me for HIM to show off and for HIM to be made much of. 

Things are brewing. Business ideas. My heart for SheReadsTruth has been reignited. We had a two hour planning and strategizing meeting about our shop last night and my heart was doing flip-flops. The Influence Network is relaunching a fresh member site. My kids are setting new patterns and we're settling into our home and finding our boxes and our grocery store and our people. 

I may be quiet for a few more days, but the knots are almost all out. 

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