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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Vote Early, vote often.

Here is a link to save your Favorites. You all know Elias is the most handsome kid you've ever seen, help us get him on the Parents Magazine cover. Go daily, rate all his pictures high & "recommend" them. Have fun!



Angels All Around said...

My first set of votes are in! He is the most handsome kid by far. I can't wait to see him when you guys return to the East for a Vacation! Love you all, Barb.

Lauren said...

okay--i am breaking the no comment streak. and i think you should break your no comment streak on my page. i am sitting here watching lost, and getting riled up about you not liking it.

but here is the real news. i have meant to tell you this since last night. i sent the email to ellen. and let me tell you, i played it up. hopefully we'll get an email back!!