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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A few Tidbits

- I love it when Godly woman use sarcasm to express righteous anger. Please read.

- Nick and I went to Portland, Oregon today and it was so fun! He's going to Western Seminary starting this fall (on Mondays and over the internet) so I got to see his school, his favorite bookstore - Powells, and quite possibly the greatest thrift store in the world. I got a beautiful designer dress for Mere's rehearsal dinner (SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS WEDDING!) for $13.00!

- I really did love seeing Portland. It is definitely the kind of place I really enjoyed visiting, but I don't think I'd want to live there. I told Nick that I felt better as a person for having seen people and a place like that, so committed to social change and the health of our world. I want to always be intentional to let Christ do that work in me, that wants health for the environment, the world, and God's people. Please do picture me getting accosted by a greenpeace worker. Normally I would feel a little perturbed to be stopped in the middle of the street when I was in a hurry, but something about working for a nonprofit makes my heart a little more inclined to hear people out about stuff like that now. He was a cute little greenpeace worker too, and by cute I meet fumbly and nervous.... and I quote, "they've cut down like like like four whole france's or something of forest". Cutey.

- Speaking of Merry, my sweet best friend from college is getting married on September 20th and I am so excited. She, along with rest of my fabulous bridesmaids, made my wedding day so incredibly amazing. I am really so ready to be there for her, to make her feel as special as she is, and to honor her and Craig as they start this new little adventure. ALSO, I'm going to be taking my first trip sans-babies. I'm excited, sad, thrilled, scared, and confident in Nick all at once. Today was good preparation since it was the first time I'd left Glory for more than like 4 hours, but 4 days is going to be a whole other story!

- While we were gone today, Lauren had an amazing time with the kids. I can tell they had an amazing time with her too! She even took a little video with both of them for my (and your) viewing pleasure!


Hi, I'm Amy! said...

Can Lauren please come live with me for a while?

InthemiddleofLIFE said...

ok Lauren, you just earned a free week at the beach whenever you choose to come this way again!!!
I was literally sitting here watching the Gamecocks saying "bye-bye! bye-bye" and Gibson thought I was signing off on the game.:)
Thanks for the video and thanks for all you do every day in your role there. There are no small roles in serving the King!