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Monday, September 1, 2008

kids in the same room, take 1

So I reread all the sweet comments you cutey little blog readers suggested about putting my kids in the same nursery. Um, what in the heck does it mean that it will all work out?! Hahaha.... Kelly and Rachel, I love both of you - but it did not "work out"! Last night we did bedtime as usual - Elias and Glory have always shared the same bedtime routine. Dinner together, diapers changed, jammies on, dad reading, rocking all together - Dad and Elias in the rocker, Mommy & Glory on the stool. We showed Elias how Glory was going to get in her crib and how he'd stay in his.... let him feel it out.

Now, to back up - around 90% of the time, Glory falls asleep on her own without any passy or blanket, just sort of singing herself to sleep. The other 10% of the time is ugh... another story. Those nights, she screams for about thirty minutes - with her eyes shut - until she finally lets us come in and stuff a passy in her mouth and she passes out. She won't actually take a passy or I'd start off with that from the get go. It's honestly a crap shoot. Elias goes to sleep at 7pm and we don't even HEAR him until 8am, sometimes as late as 9am. He is actually a teenage boy in a toddlers body.

So, back to last night. Glory wasn't the one who started the crying - but sweet little Elias. I honestly think he was crazy worried about her, because he just kept looking at her huffing and puffing... this of course greatly disturbed her. So I let them carry on for about twenty minutes, then patted her to sleep and rocked him for a while until he was sure she was ok. Elias woke up a few times before midnight, huffing and puffing again (REALLY not like him) until he was convinced she was alright. All quiet for a while.

I woke up at 1am to Glory seriously - singing. I don't know who woke up who, but I'm assuming that Elias woke her up and she then decided it was time to be awake and couldn't fall back asleep. I was so exasperated I grabbed all her stuff, had Nick give her a bottle, and then set her back up in Nick's office. Elias still continued to wake up SEVERAL times, even without her in the room, and we had to rock him & calm him down.

I'm at a loss. I'm not giving up. I will be victorious. I'm going to give them a few days to get the hang of it at naptime and try nighttime out again in a few days. It's 1:28 and naptime starts in 32 minutes. I have a calm, cool exterior but I'm sweating bullets on the inside. Pray for us, ya'll.


unveiled said...

i am FEELIN' you sister. look all glory to you if you've got the guts. the girls take two 1-2 hour naps separated and sleep until 7:30am that way. if together they don't take naps (tried for a while and finally realized they were so short b/c they were together) and then wake up earlier in the AM. anyway if you push through and get take the mama pageant. it's wild. poor grace, as i think you know (?) still sleeps in that second bedroom that is basically for storage for both naps and overnight. poor little thing. we're already realizing they have to move to the same room with the new baby and have no sleep depravation plans soon to get going in that direction. feelin' for y'all. love, k

InthemiddleofLIFE said...

ohhh, I just can't feel your pain yet cos the visual of sweet Glory singing and precious E huffing is too good. I have a feeling that this next 4 months of development is going to send me packing with an airline ticket i can't afford.
ok, I'll feel your pain now. nope, the visual is still strong:) love nonny

Anonymous said...

We'll go there soon with Asher and Micah, only they'll be in beds instead of cribs. They will be able to escape, to get up and play, to climb on each other. And they probably will!

At some point they have to get used to it. Micah will be evicted from the nursery before January...

kellybollman said...

take 1 is just take 1 - I promise they'll be just fine by take 4. And it's worth it! You can do it precious Mommy!!! Keep it consistant! :) love you
ps - did I mention we found belle under her bed the first couple of nights she slept there - lol
She turned out fine. Reads now and everything.

Rachel said...

I know it will happen! We did take a few baby steps with Kirby first--he was in a toddler bed a couple of month before Bennett was even born. But seriously you are way braver than me to do naps together. We tried it here for the first month and a half and neither of them were taking good naps. Now Kirby is sleeping in our bed and they are doing better. Believe me there are still nights of one crying and waking the other--K even has occasional night terrors. I agree with Kelly, keep it consistent and before you know it you will all be sleeping soundly in your own beds. :) Even if one of them has a bad night they will get used to it. I'll be praying!

Oh yeah, both of mine slept on the floor when they first moved out of a crib for a couple of nights too.