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Saturday, September 27, 2008

housekeeping and news

So I've only changed my blog like 6,000 times in the last few weeks. Sorry. I think it's set for good now. However, I had to delete my blog list - so will you comment me and remind me to add yours if I forgot? I only put up the ones that came to my mind really quickly but I know I'm missing some important ones! Even if I didn't have it up before - tell me so I can have a link! Thanks so much!

Alsooooo.... I'm really excited because I got accepted to join the Blogher network. I had played around with Google Ads on here, but hated it because the first ads the put up were for porn and the church of scientology. Obviously problematic. BUT - the Blogher network is MUCH different; all women, lots of mommy bloggers & a great little online community. In the next few days I should get the code to put their ad on my page and it will all be done! I hope ya'll enjoy it! They should have pretty like-minded links to things I post about: food, kid stuff, other women bloggers. 

In summary:
I think the blog is semi-stable for now. Hope you enjoy.
Tell me your blog link so I can put it up in here. 
Enjoy the blogher links! night tonight! So excited!


Anonymous said...


Hi, I'm Amy! said...

How exciting!

wight people said...

Love the purple! Perfect set fave so far!

Leigh said...

The colors for some reason remind me of 5 years ago when you kept saying that lavender and brown were going to be the new pink and green. You started wearing a lot of lavender and brown. I have to say brown has become a lot more popular since you said that.

Rachel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Daniel & Candice said...

you forgot us too!

Jessi said...

Thanks ya'll! And Rachel - did you delete your comment? I didn't mean to if I did!