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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

come on ladies

Will anyone do THIS with me?

From what I understand we would:
- meet to pick a separate meal each
- make two of our particular meal for each person in the group
(so if my meal is chicken lasagna & there are 5 other women in the group - I make 10 chicken lasagnas)
- set a designated time to get it all done
- meet & divide up the costs of all the groceries
- give our our food
- look a LOT less stressed out at around 5:00pm on a random Tuesday

So here would seem to be the hard questions:
- family size. Would a casserole work for Kalle like it does for my hearty eating preggos?
- health factor. Could we be creative enough to make healthy, freezable dishes? I suppose it would take some creativity & special planning.
- people. Will anyone do it with me? Come on - lets give it one try at least.
Lauren - you don't count. You still have to make mexican lasagna and that yummy wheat pasta dish that I am convinced is healthy. Well, you don't have to - but I'd sure appreciate it, honey.


Annie said...

I love it and would totally do it with you!


rloftin said...

My aunt travels A LOT and does this same type thing with her neighbors. She LOVES it, and says she doesn't even remember what she did before....they have been doing it for 5 years now! Also, do you subscribe to Kraft Food and Family magazine? It's free and has yummy cheap recipes. You can sign up for it on their website! Just an idea! :)

kalle said...

well i would absolutely love to do this. the only dilemma i see is what you already size I've seen how those roommates of yours eat:)

Jessi said...

okay so my girls will just have to eat two at a time:) We've got Annie & Kalle. Maybe Lauren and I could count as two. Any other takers...?

wight people said...

Absolutely! That would be fun to cook for others, and a treat to be cooked for!

Iris said...

Hey girl! I did this with my mom and grandmother last year and it was great. My mom donated a lot of chicken she had purchased on sale, so I think in the end, meat excluded, we each paid $15 for communal ingredients and had food for 10 meals. I also recommend everyone bringing a soup made, bagged and frozen ahead of time in portioned sizes. That way, you can just do a soup trade!

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

Do it. DO IT!! :)

Rachel said...

I so wish I could participate. Let us know how it goes.